Bad Movies Beware!


This is a definite must. Arang is about a detective that is back from suspension and handed a new case along with a klutzy noob partner. A series of mysterious and horrific murders are happening, and she must find out who is committing the murders before the next one happens. As it turns out, they are all connected to a girl from a salt village that disappeared ten years prior. These guys go out in style, the ghost of this chick strangling them from the inside out. I will not spoil the ending of this scary-as-hell whodunnit, but it’s gruesome enough to shock you and yet the movie manages to avoid senseless gore gracefully. The script is intelligent enough for any Law and Order fan to enjoy, but it is subtitled so be ready for lots of Korean. I really enjoyed this flick, and I’m hopeful that if an American version shows up it will be just as good without butchering the storyline. Give it a look!


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