Bad Movies Beware!

Audrey Rose-I’ll take some boredom with my depression, please.

Not that the movie was bad, it wasn’t. But Audrey Rose was began slow and ended with the same depressing feel that I got when I watched Butterfly Effect. But if you want hard proof that Anthony Hopkins was once a young man, it’s kind of wild to see him with hair that isn’t gray. Ivy is the sweetest eleven-year-old girl since Reagan, but every year around her birthday she has nightmares where she regresses to the age of five and flails about the room. Edwin Hoover shows up, played by Mr. Hopkins, and insists to her parents that Ivy is the reincarnation of his dead daughter, Audrey Rose, who perished in a fiery car accident when she was five. The movie is categorized as horror, but the creepiest, and only, supernatural thing in the movie is when Ivy/Audrey burns her hands on a cold window. Hoover is the only person who can calm her down during these episodes, and warns Ivy’s mother that if he is shut away then Ivy will die. Of course, the parents don’t listen, and after a trial they do exactly that. Sorry, some dude shows up and I watch this shit go down with my kid, I’m on the phone with a Priest or a voodoo man or some shit to get the other kid out of my kid. Sorry dude-man, your kid’s gotta go. The movie is really depressing, and makes you really like Ivy, then kicks you in the beans at the end. It’s worth a look because the storyline is decent and the acting is top notch from both Anthony Hopkins, Susan Swift(Ivy), and Marsha Mason(Ivy’s mom), though Ms. Mason comes off whiny at times. Give it a look, but be ready to wash down your antidepressants with beer after you call your shrink. It was made in the seventies, so the only thing scary about the movie is the fashion and hairstyles.

Verdict: Rent it, or wait till it comes on MGMHD on DirecTV.


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