Bad Movies Beware!

Garfield’s Pet Force-Really?

It is official: Garfield has been utterly destroyed. This movie, as well as the new show on Cartoon Network (Caught an episode one day) is a large pile of computer-animated poo that has bastardized what we grew up on and knew as Garfield. The movie is about Nermal’s favorite superhero, Garzooka, and the Pet Force coming to the Comic Book World (I’m not kidding) that Garfield and his friends live in. Garfield and his buddies are cartoons that can be stretched, dropped and twisted all over the place (not kidding). They must stop Vet-Vix (played by Liz. No, really.) from taking over the world and turning everyone into zombies with her Combining ray. I watched it because I thought Natalie would like it. Unfortunately, she loved it. Since Lorenzo Music passed away back in 2001 they got Scooby-Doo veteran Frank Welker to voice Garfield. Frank voices both Fred and Scooby in the cartoon series and Scooby in the movies. They didn’t even get Thom Huge to voice John Arbuckle. The animation is sorry, even for kiddie standards, and Garfield, frankly, is nowhere near as sarcastic and conniving as he is in the comics or old cartoons. If you love Garfield as much as I do, then stay away from this nightmare. I don’t care if you have kids who want to see it. I would rather watch Wubbzy than watch this sorry excuse of an animated movie again. Lorenzo Music probably spun like a drill bit in his grave when they crapped this one out. Why’d ya do it, Jim Davis? WHY?!


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