Bad Movies Beware!

Nightmare Man-Okay. We’ve seen this before.

Checked out Nightmare Man from the After Dark Horrorfest series. This movie was totally indie, and not a great one. Entertaining at best. A woman orders a fertility mask from Africa, but is shipped a demon mask instead. She is soon assaulted by the Nightmare man, and her husband tries to have her committed. She is chased off by the Nightmare Man into the woods, and soon happens upon a group of sexy college coeds who hole up in the house to escape the onslaught of the maniac outside. Yeah, I’ve seen Friday the 13th, which is the complete direction this movie goes in. What killed me was the fact that these movies have a formula. You have, usually, about ten characters, including the killer. The characters are split into two types. The largest group is made up of characters that are 2-dimensional and have no real purpose. Good examples are the “extra” crewmen or Star Trek, the group nerd or Sarah Palin. These characters are nothing more than fodder for our killer. Then you’ve got the characters that are developed, 3-Dimensional and are made for you to like and care about. Their survival rate is generally fairly good unless they die protecting the main characters from getting offed. This movie tries to break formula, and does it badly. The characters that are fodder are clearly defined, but then characters that have been developed and put in the forefront are killed for no reason like sheep. I mean, really. The last five or ten minutes of the movie is Evil Dead. Really. Straight rip. If you want cheap thrills and entertainment, give it a look. If you want a decent movie, AVOID. The character dialogue is not much more than wisecracks, and the special effects may have been done by the first graders at the local elementary school. I was half-expecting the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to show up at some point and fight the demon. Really.


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