Bad Movies Beware!

Ninja Assassin-Old school kung-fu flick meets new-age special effects

Never has ignorant story-telling and over-the-top kung fu fighting that no living human being could ever truly pull of been so entertaining. Ninja Assassin does, indeed, have the most redundant movie title in history until you actually watch it. He assassinates ninjas. Saw that one coming, right? The storyline is straight up seventies kung fu flick, but it also has something called “Ultraviolence,” a new…thingy that you old school kung fu fans will most likely welcome. Seriously, the savagely bloody violence in this flick borders dumbassery and is almost comical, but this movie manages to pull it off with style and awesomeness that would make Bruce Lee blush. If you want to watch a movie that is an academy award-winning nominee, then slap yourself in the back of the head for renting/buying this. If you want to sit down for an hour and a half of ignorance and popcorn-worthy fun, give this flick a solid look. Raizo is the main character on the run from his old ninja clan after betraying them while Mika, a forensic researcher, has evidence that his old clan is contracting out to governments. Not much else after that except the greatest ass-whoopin ‘ of all time. If you are a kung fu movie person, do yourself the service of checking this one out.


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