Bad Movies Beware!

Paranormal Entity-If you’re gonna mock something, at least let it make sense.

The Asylum is a studio that specializes in what is referred to as “Mockbusters.” They basically remake their own versions of top movies. Liked Transformers? They did “Transmorphers.” How about Snakes on a Plane? They are the proud studio behind the masterful (sarcasm) piece of sh-I mean “work” known as “Snakes on a Train.” Now comes the newest knockoff, “Paranormal Entity.” You guessed it. A mock-up of Paranormal Activity. Even though they had a larger budget, the movie ends up being mundane and slow with lots of “We’ve seen this before” and “Hey, your sister’s pretty.” Mica is replaced with Mike, and he lives alone with his sister and mom, who had been communicating with who she thought was her dead husband through letters. Yeah, letters to the dead. Original, right? What we get is not much more than an excuse to see two scenes with the sister topless. While impressive, these puppies are not worth watching the whole move over. The film is full of mistakes, such as the sister saying she is going to bed when the windows shows a bright sunny day, or the scene where the demon is raping her in midair, and she is naked(except for her panties) and covered in blood and scratches but then falls to the floor and has only ONE scratch on her left breast while the rest of her is clean as a whistle. I gotta wonder what these people do for a living because homeboy Mike has a camera in every room. Oh, and sorry dude. Having a constantly running camera in your sister’s room is creepy enough, but your mom? Yuck. Even Melissa wasn’t scared by this movie, and everything scares her. The characters were not as likable as Mica and Katie from Paranormal Activity, and the atmosphere was not nearly as oppressive. If you don’t care about mock-ups, avoid it. If you like mock-ups, might I recommend Scary Movie, instead? It was actually more entertaining.

Verdict: Avoid. It will make you curious, but in the end it just leaves you bored and unsympathetic to the characters.


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