Bad Movies Beware!

Phone-Not a bad Japanese Teen Scream!

Watched Phone not long ago, and felt the need to give it a quick review since I am about to watch NCIS and wish they’d make an NCIS movie for the nest two hours or so. Phone is about girl who gets a cell phone that was once owned by a girl who mysteriously disappears. Soon weird things begin to happen, and her best friend’s young daughter begins acting strangely. Won’t spoil the plot because the plot is actually decent, and the movie maintains an uneasiness that permeates the Japanese horror culture. Yeah, it’s subtitled, so save your whining. Reading is good. Definitely worth the rent, and if you have Netflix it is available on streaming. Catch this one for a cheap thrill, it’s a great shocker. Be warned, the Japanese censor nothing and do not care about political correctness, so if you’re sensitive steer clear.


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