Bad Movies Beware!


For anyone who is into something a little different, I give you Pulse. Now granted, it’s in Japaese, but they really know how to tell a goo ghost story. Pulse is about a series of disappearances that begins with a young man in his apartment and spreads throughout Tokyo. It all is related to ghosts and computers, but there is also the creepy element of the “Forbidden Rooms” found throughout the place. These are sealed with red tape, and anyone who is curious to go inside is in for a waking nightmare the eventually results in…well it’s not quite death, but okay. The ghost scenes are very eerie, and proves that the Japanese look more to the strangeness of nightmares than rehashing what has been done a zillion times in Hollywood. Unfortunately the story tends to drag in places, making it seem like it lasts longer than it really does. The biggest complaint I had was that the movie transitions from a ghost story to a mind job, and really does not pick up much pace towards the end. But the end proves that, unlike America, once a haunting starts there is nothing anyone can do about it. It will never stop. If you don’t mind subtitles, definitely a rent.


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