Bad Movies Beware!

Righteous Kill-A good one-timer

So yesterday morning I crank up the ol’ Netflix on the ol’ XBOX 360 and give Righteous Kill a look since Melissa won’t watch the Japanese version of Pulse with me. RK is a movie about two cops in New York who are investigating the serial murders of rapists, pimps and other lowlifes around town. Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino star, and the storylines go fairly deep. I won’t give away too much, but it is actually a solid murder mystery. The plot is complex, and can sometimes be hard to follow if you aren’t paying attention, and the acting is excellent. Al and Bobby make a great buddy-cop movie, and act off each other very well. Unfortunately it is not a re-watch. Once the end is revealed you can pretty much look back and remember the clues leading up the finale, making it a weekend rent. Not a bad flick, but rent it. Or, if you have Netflix, you can get it on direct streaming. Still, though, give it a look. You won’t be disappointed!


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