Bad Movies Beware!

The Exorcist 2: The Heretic

I am a major fan of the first movie. It was one of the scariest movies ever made. As a Catholic, I found the situation to be even more intense. It redefined the horror genre and opened doors that the industry had never dared to open before. The second movie did not do this. Let me start by saying that 1977 Linda Blair was HOT. Two thumbs up and a “Yessir.” And now, the boiling pile of poo that she stared in. The second Exorcist is the story of a priest who investigates the death of Father Merrin and the details behind Regan’s possession only to find that the demon, Pazuzu, is still knocking around inside Regan’s body. Her doctor has a machine that allows her to show others her thoughts and dreams and share a single consciousness. That was about the time my crap-meter when haywire. So, in a nutshell, the Catholic Church became the Ghostbusters, and they were out to get Pazuzu and free Regan so she could go out and heal people. The acting was not only bad (Sorry Linda, but you suck. Hopefully…), it seemed as if the writers were scrambling to keep the narrative going, and it often rambled and approached randomness like a fat man at a bacon buffet. The music was obnoxious, and the story seemed as if it had been written by a high school nerd who couldn’t decide between Catholicism and Scientology, so he chose both. If you think you might want to watch it to continue the story line, don’t It doesn’t do much more than take the original and poop on it. Let it begin and end with the first one. Really.


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