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Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2-Uh, no, Rob.

The first remake of the original Halloween story was one of the most epic and staggering cinematic experiences ever. The original Halloween was cutting edge and push boundaries never before touched, spawning off the Friday the 13th series as a copycat as well as a few other failed franchises. Rob Zombie took this old, hardcore movie and made it depraved and deep, exploring more of Michael Meyer’s past and how he lost his humanity. It was disturbing and very real.
Part two was not.
With the second film, Rob tries to invoke more psychological aspects to Michael, but ends up dragging out a very simple storyline. After allegedly shooting Meyer’s in the face, Laurie Strode ends up living with Annie and her father, Sheriff Brackett. Michael, we learn at the beginning of the movie, is far from dead as the round merely grazed his skull. He wakes up miles outside of Haddonfield, kills the two drivers in the Coroner’s van and begins a two year long journey back to Haddonfield to find her. Laurie is mental, having been traumatized by the encounter with Michael and having to see the scars on Annie’s face as a constant reminder. What killed me the most was that Loomis, the good side of one of the three epic slasher vs. good-guy story points, was reduced to a sniveling, greedy diva who used the events in Haddonfield to profit. Gone is the intelligent, passionate Loomis from Donald Pleasance and Malcolm McDowell’s masterful interpretation in the first movie. The character is unlikeable, plain and simple. The movie, otherwise, begins on a very frightening note, but as it progresses it gets worse and worse, ending in a climax meant to be epic but ending up being depressing. I can’t give the ending away because the statute of limitations is about ten years, but I can say that the intelligent, striking subject matter of the first movie is reduced to a brutal slash-fest with pointless characters that are nothing more than fodder for a more violent, grunting and talking(YES, HE HAS A LINE!) Michael Meyers. This flick wasn’t poo, but it wasn’t good, either. It’s a classic case of the original being far better. Zombie should have stuck to the original storyline and added his splash of utter and painful realism rather than trying to see how artsy he could be. The dream sequences stunk after the first one, which was the most frightening sequence in the movie. Guess what? IT WAS IN THE HOSPITAL AND A REMAKE OF THE ORIGINAL SECOND MOVIE!!! If he had stretched that out to an hour and a half, this movie would have sent chills up my spine. Instead, I am resigned to say that Rob Zombie’s Halloween began and ended with the first one. The second one is just a rambling, frightless waste of two hours.
Verdict: Eh, give it a one timer if you’re curious and have seen the first one, but don’t expect the same level of terror you got from the first movie. If you are a fan of the original Halloween, watch the first remake and leave it at that.


One comment on “Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2-Uh, no, Rob.

  1. fail-flix
    July 16, 2010

    Yeah, I know. Not as funny, but the movie wasn't terrible. Just wasn't good, either.


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