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Lost Boys: Tribes is NOT the Original

They tried. Oh, how they tried. But, despite the efforts of the writers and Cory Feldman’s bad gravel-voice, this movie was not up to par. A few rumors have surfaced that this is a remake of The Lost Boys, though it is no-where near it. A brother and sister move to the small beach town from the first movie after the deaths of their parents to live with an eccentric aunt. End of similarity. What follows is a display of pointless gore that gears away from the feel of the Lost Boys, and sends more of a Lord of the Flies feel to the story. The acting is sub-standard, but considering the script is not much more than a various combination of sexual slang flavored with gratuitous profanity I really can’t blame the actors for not being able to do much with it. Not that I am offended, but I do like storyline. Dropping the f-bomb every five seconds is not a plot. There are a few scenes in the movie that tap into the humor of the original, but the introduction of Cory Feldman’s Edgar Frog as a Rambo-esque vampire hunter is borderline ridiculous, and his scene of wandering through the vampire lair is a complete rip of Aliens. No, really. Slap some tits on him, add some height and give him a monthly visitor and he is Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley.
Verdict: If you liked the first movie, the second one is long over-due, but don’t expect much more than an hour and a half of ignorance. While not as bad as Vacancy, it definitely reeks of cinematic poo-poo.


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