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Amityville 4: THe Evil Escapes-Not Bad

I was expecting crap. No really, utter crap. It was made for TV, so there is no widescreen. Save yourselves the Google time, I already looked. It was also filmed in the eighties, which means bad clothing and worse hairstyles. Combine that with a few actors who can act mixed with a bunch of no-names and you’ve got a quickie: A sequel made to tide fans over at home while the movie studio comes up with something that actually is part of the storyline. Patty Duke stars as the Mom who has just been widowed and moves in with her wealthy mother in a large house in California. Her Aunt buys a hideous lamp after the house in Amityville is exorcised and ships it as a goof. Duke also brings along her oldest daughter, her son, and her mentally disturbed youngest daughter who is drawn to the lamp and it’s evil. The disturbing visuals of the other movies is toned down for TV, and the oldest daughter, though legal, keeps her clothes on as it is not kosher to broadcast boobies on national television. The acting could be better, as could the haircut on the son, but it is suspenseful nonetheless. A few corny dialogue goofs and some bad combat-acting doesn’t take much away from a good hour and a half popcorn flick. Give it a look if you find it on TV, but be ready for something that could easily air on Disney Channel or Nickelodeon without much backlash.
Verdict: Not shabby! Not great, but certainly worth the rent if Blockbuster has it for a $.99 rental. It isn’t on Netflix, but if you see it in the $1.99 bin go ahead and give it a look.


One comment on “Amityville 4: THe Evil Escapes-Not Bad

  1. Anonymous
    September 26, 2010

    Blockbuster did away with the $.99 rentals a few months ago. That said, they do have the title available through Blockbuster Online.


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