Bad Movies Beware!

Juon 2-Why?

After a long hiatus, I am back. The most recent movie I got to watch upon my return was Juon 2, not to be confused with the Grudge 2, which I actually enjoyed. Juon 2 follows right on the heals of the original. The story is, unlike the original, centered around one constant that isn’t Kayako or her Cat-lovin’ son, Toshio. A film crew is shooting a haunted house documentary in the Grudge House, and the lead actress is seeing things and having ghostly experiences. Within the night, everyone around her either dies or has experiences of their own. Meanwhile, she is pregnant and having serious questions about her baby. In the end, she gives premature birth to Kayako, who kills everyone in the room. About six years later, Kayako is older and shoves her “mother” down a flight of stairs. The end. No, really. That’s what happens. I’m not making this crap up. As bored as I was with the entire movie, the ending just took the entirety of the flick and turned it into a bag of processed horse manure seasoned with pickled fart nuggets. Most people refer to it as Beanie Wieners.
Verdict: The survey is in, and Takahasi Shimizu has become Japan’s own M. Knight Shamalamhoohaa(or however the hell you spell/pronounce it). He came up with one brilliant idea and formula for a horror movie, and then ran with it for everything else he did thus shat on every square inch of it. Juon 2 could have been great, but with shallow characters, a shallow plot and an ending that makes as much sense as fruit-infused beer. If you see it on the shelf, do not look into it. Simply reminisce of the days when horror movies could have plots and characters that at least had some purpose.


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