Bad Movies Beware!

Daddy’s Girl-Innocence has Lame Writing

Daddy’s Girl could have been great. Even though the story has been done to death, it’s still interesting to watch how creepy kids can be. You have the Good Son and Orphan among the good ones. But Daddy’s Girl, for as much potential as it had, ended up being not much more than a failed attempt to rehash the same story elements. Frankly, McCauley and Esther did it better. Gabrielle Boni stars as Jody, an angelically beautiful red headed eight-year-old who is adopted by William Kat and Michelle Greene. Jody has an obsessive attachment to her foster father, and throughout the movie we see her go deeper and deeper into psychosis as she begins to off anyone she thinks is trying to take her away from Kat. The writing is hokey at best, with Jody prattling off cheesy one-liners every time she works someone over. The adults are just plain stupid. I mean, really. It’s almost as if they knowingly set themselves up just to see if she really will take them down. “Oh, let me stand in this spinning chair and reach up high while this creepy little girl holds it for me.” She does have a rather Jason Voorhees-ish workhorse method of killing off people, but I doubt Kane Hodder would have been as endearing. I want to say that this movie was made for television, but I can’t find any websites that will own up to having that much information on it. Predictability is the name of the game here, but the ending trashes what could have been great. She cries as daddy finds out what she’s been up to, and the camera pans out as she screams that everyone leaves her. Sweetie, you kill people. Her foster cousin, Karen, is responsible for bringing things to light. I’m pretty sure I read this crap in a Fear Street book at some point when I was a teenager. Boni does do a great job in one scene where we see Jody go about as nutty as a Peter Pan Peanut Butter distribution center, but the rest of the movie she has a hard time putting away the cute in favor of sinister. In short, she looks more like a little girl denied her ice cream than a serial-killing elementary school kid. Just saying.
Verdict: Eh. For a non-violent violent movie, it gets tedious. The acting is good for as bad as the writing is, but I can’t expect much from an 8-year-old who was given weapons and told to start taking people down like Michael Myers after a sex change. If you want to see it, go for it, but don’t have the expectations of twisted scenes and whatnot that you got in Orphan. I’m not saying kill Jody off, but the ending could have been better. It’s not a bad movie, but it’s not really good, either.


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