Bad Movies Beware!

Easy Wheels-Deceptively Funny!

Another recommendation, this time from Stephen. At first glance, this movie is utter garbage. The cover looks cheesy, and I was instantly reminded of the biker-sploitation movies that hailed from the 70’s and 80’s. These movies generally have one particular following: owners of massive beer guts who eat, sleep, and drink beer from the comfort of their recliner that they’ve had in that same trailer for the last 20 years. Why yes, Johnny! Yes it DOES make the sound of velcro when pop gets up from the recliner to take a crap. Not to worry, the toilet will be installed into the chair next week. The story follows the biker gang known as the Born Losers, a ragtag group of guys who live by three missions in life: Seek out the Evil, Destroy the Evil, and find a really good lite beer. They are led by Bruce, who has a metal plate in his head which allows him to see visions and occasionally call upon super-human strength. The rival biker gang, the Women of the Wolf, are headed up by She-Wolf. She and her girls are kidnapping children and selling the boys on the black market. She-Wolf takes the girl babies to a pack of wolves regularly so that they can be raised like she was. Her hope is to create a new population of Wolf-Women bent on destroying men. The story is camp, and the acting is crap. The opening was about five minutes of panning the camera over a Harley Davidson, yet everyone in the movie rode Hondas. It was not until a scene that took me by surprise that I realized that this movie was a spoof-and freakin’ hilarious! Deadpan humor is what it is, but when a biker gang breaks into a pitch-perfect gospel harmony of Rock of Ages, that’s funny stuff no matter who you are. The innuendos are blatant, the monologues pointless and the story predictable. Written and directed by the Raimi Brothers (the ones responsible for Evil Dead and the Xena series), this movie is a scream.
VERDICT: Good once but, like the Prom Queen, not meant to be much more than a one-timer. Even though it’s funny, it starts slow, gains momentum, then tapers off at the end to an anti-climactic showdown between the Born Losers and the Women of the Wolf. Even though it’s a spoof, it should still have your typical plotline in place to keep things interesting. Give it one time, remember it fondly, and YouTube the Rock of Ages bit.


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