Bad Movies Beware!

Bread Crumbs-Hansel and Gretel go over the deep end

I was expecting more horrific crap when I hit play on the fourth and final movie on the Backwoods Butchers 4-flick set. However, I was taken by surprise at this one. Bread Crumbs, despite its issues, was actually not a bad flick.

Not that it was greatness, far from it. But, by comparison to the others, this one was watchable.

There are rare moments when I pick a movie that looks like it will drain all intelligence from me like a Meryl Streep marathon and manage to actually want to finish the movie.


A group of adult film actors, the “sleazy producer,” and their crew head out to a remote cabin for a weekend of filming. Angie, the oldest of the crew, is shooting her retirement film with newcomer Dominick.

They run into Henry and Patti: two children that wander the woods after being abandoned by their parents. The next day the porn crew begins filming. Everything is going according to schedule until they spot Henry in the yard watching intently. He disappears when they try to chase him.

That night Dominick is viciously attacked by Henry. The party sets out to find him, but are ambushed by Henry. He manages to kill two of them and trap a third, cutting cookie shapes out of her flesh.

Patti shows up in the yard, and the producer kidnaps her in hopes of using her as bait to lure Henry into a trap. It backfires, and Henry begins to kill them all off one by one. Angie and Patti escape, only to find out that Henry is hot on their trail.

I won’t give away any more because there is a twist that you may or may not see coming. The acting is good, and the writing is clever. One-liners aren’t over-used and the gushy feel-good crap is kept to a minimum. 

Patti, played by actress and production coordinator Amy Crowdis, is creepy and angelic all at the same time.

The movie is not without its problems. 

The story sometimes drags a little, with the “what do we do now” stuff seeming to go on a bit longer than it should. The sleazy producer is almost TOO sleazy, and though the writer tried to make him a sympathetic character in some scenes the audience will never be able to identify with him longer than it takes to dump napalm on his head.

The other stars on the set act less like actresses and more like sluts, which fits in well in that the porn thing is more of a spoof on the industry. But it gets old at times, especially when they scream their heads off and act stupid because an out of control killer is chasing them through the woods.

Some people just cant take a joke. 

VERDICT: Give it a look. It’s worth one time, maybe two. The ending is a bit of a mind job, and you’ll find that you have identified with the main character whether you wanted to or not.

They tried in some spots to ask the question of whether or not porn actors get what they deserve or not, but it fell flat and was replaced by more of a “lost vacationers being stalked” feel.

It’s not often that I review a “crap” movie that actually turns out well, so that has to say something, at least. Well, back to the DVD collection. I’m sure there is some juicy crap waiting for me over there!


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