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Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill!-Grindhouse at its finest

Back in the 70’s a form of burlesque dubbed “Grindhouse” hit the drive-ins and movie theaters around the country.  Grindhouse films were exploitation films that played on large amounts of violence, sex, and drug-use mixed with absurdity.  The plotlines were thin at best, and the characters were more caricatures of your basic horror film stereotypes.  Bad guys weren’t just bad guys, they were sleezoids.  The good guys were sappy and wholesome almost to faultlessness, and the others were just fodder for the serial killer in the movie.  Grindhouse movies, as bad as they were, did not lie about what they were and what they represented.  Thus, the cult-following is huge.  Even after the death of the genre, the movies are hailed as Trash Theater Masterpieces.  The problem is that many young filmmakers of the current generation do not simply nod to Grindhouse.

They try to re-create it.  
Easter Bunny, Kill!  Kill! is not the worst movie I’ve ever seen, but it’s bad even for what it is.  Still, the director did his research and came up with a Grindhouse film that would have nestled in just fine with the others back in the 70’s.  The characters are way over-done, and the movie is unforgivably violent and exploitative.  Bear in mind that this movie is meant to be what it is: rough, over-the-top, and gritty.  
And stupid.  Very, very stupid.

The movie opens during a robbery in a convenience store at the hands of a man wearing a very goofy-looking Easter Bunny mask.  He shoots the clerk in the mouth with the shotgun, then heads off after stealing a few chocolate rabbits.  Scene change to Nicholas, a retarded teen living with his single mother who works the night shift at the hospital.

Enter Remington, the new sleaze-bag boyfriend who is also, very obviously, the killer from the opening sequence.  Meanwhile, Nicholas takes out the trash and is given a live bunny rabbit by a strange hobo.  Remington is very affectionate and caring to Nicholas’s mother, Mindy.  But when she is out of sight, he is abusive to Nicholas and plays on his weakness caused by his mental disability(see, I was being real there.  Lenny from Of Mice and Men retarded, not Nikki Haley retarded).

 Mindy is unaware of the abuse, and leaves for work after Remington promises her that he will take care of Nicholas.

She leaves, and he immediately calls his pedophile associate to come over and keep Nicholas “occupied” while Remington goes out on the town to pick up hookers and drugs.  Remington leaves, and the pervert is slaughtered by a killer wearing the Easter Bunny mask from earlier.

The two Mexican helpers from an earlier scene arrive to sneak into the house and collect some things along with a giant brute of a bodyguard, and all three are slaughtered by the bunny killer.

Remington returns with his whore in tow, and the two girls are killed within minutes of being in the house.  Remington catches the killer cutting up the last girl, and the killer is wearing the mask backwards.  I won’t spoil the ending for you, since I know some of you are into the Grindhouse thing, but it ends pretty neatly for what it is.  It almost reminded me of the television show Monsters.

VERDICT: Meh.    
Truthfully, I’m not into the Grindhouse thing.  But, I was willing to give this one a look.  It was an art film, but there were too many issues that seemed to plague the movie(such as the green light on the entire project).  Grindhouse began in the 1970’s, and ended in the 1980’s roughly.  It really needs to stay dead.  With the birth of the internet, there is nothing really shocking about them anymore.  Watch it if you’re a fan of the genre, or if you feel like being REALLY ignorant for an hour and a half.

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