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Demonic: Naked Chicks with Bubba Teeth…and Tom Savini

Tom Savini is a HUGE name in the horror industry, whether anyone wants to admit it or not.  We have him to thank for the original Jason Voorhees concept and make-up effects, all of the gore from series such as Friday the 13th and Creepshow and many more special effects that give the computerized CGI effects the middle finger and go for good ol’ fashioned realistic blood and carnage.

And he likes bit roles as nut-bars with a crazy streak.
Demonic is actually called Forest of the Damned, so if you get all curious and stuff on IMDB you’ll end up pulling your hair out trying to find it under Demonic.  The title was changed once it hit the states.
Five friends embark on a road trip to go camping for the weekend (Wow.  How original.)  Emilio has brought along his horrendously hateful sister Ally, and his friends Molly, Andrew, and Judd (Molly’s boyrfiend).  
The van breaks down in the middle of nowhere after they hit a girl wandering the road.  She is in bad shape and needs help, but no one’s phone is working.  Molly, Judd, and Andrew go off to find help while Emilio and Ally stay behind to watch the girl.  
The girl suddenly grabs Emilio’s arm and warns he and Ally not to “look into their eyes” before passing back out.
Molly and Judd split up from Andrew to keep looking.  Andrew finds a group of naked women bathing in the waterfall and decides to join them.  After a few cuts back to Molly and Judd, Andrew is missing.  
Outside of the opening sequence, this is as exciting as it gets so far.
Molly and Judd find a house in the woods, but are attacked and knocked out by Tom Savini (Stephen, but we’ll call him Tom to keep it all straight).  Come to find out that the nude chicks with Jaws disorder killed his family.
Molly and Judd escape after Judd shoots Tom Savini in the gut with a shotgun.  The naked demon-chicks are on their heals after a quick stop at the van to dismember Ally and Emilio.  Judd falls down a ravine after another two minute montage of nothing happening, and is disemboweled by the demon girls.
Note: This is about the millionth interlude in the movie.  It’s like the writer couldn’t really get past the attacks, but he needed a movie with some depth.  So he paid his emo kid sister to write a story for the characters while they waited for death via naked girl with piranha genes.  
Molly returns to the van, but is attacked by the blonde demon.  She is about to kill Molly, but the cross around Molly’s neck repels her.  Molly goes crazy and takes Tom Savini’s place as film nutbag.
The end.
Yeah, I checked.  It’s really the end.
VERDICT: Turn over and go to sleep when you’re done.
What can I say about this movie?  The acting is great.  The girls really play up the role of feral demon and get into it, snarling and hunting like wildlings.  The meatbags…er, main cast, also do their roles well.  In fact, if it hadn’t been for the writer (hate to say that.  No, no I don’t), the movie would have been good.  
Ally is overly hateful and needs to be punched in the face.  The writer gave her far too many lines, and the viewer (me) actually sighs a “Thank God” when a demon-chick rips her head off and drinks from it.  Emilio comes off as a whiny little girl the whole time, and isn’t really missed when he’s out of the picture.
The worst thing about this movie is how boring the in-between stuff is.  The dialogue was recorded so low that you have to really crank the volume to hear what the actors are saying, but then you get your face melted by monster sounds and effects during the off times something happens.  
It’s not a great movie, but it’s not an utter fail either.  If you want cult indie movies done better than Handycam Cinema tends to put out, give it a look.  Just make sure you stock up on Red Bull and Mountain Dew because this film will put you to sleep. 

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