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Interview with a Serial Killer-A True Diamond in the Compost

Interview with a Serial Killer
It never fails. Out of every $5 DVD four-pack you find in the dump bin at your local Best Buy, there’s always one gem and three unforgivably bad piles of monkey turds just waiting for the next round of Battle of the Poop-Flingers. 
Actually, the original title is White Angel.  But, in the interest of changing things for no reason whatsoever, the title was changed for the Serial Killers Midnight Horror Collection $5 four-pack.
Cuz No Reason
Truthfully, I really liked this movie.  I was surprised at how well done it was considering it was on possibly the worst collection of cinematic vomit that I’ve ever encountered outside of GorehouseGreats. 
Sorry, but anything that has Blood Mania in the mix like a teaspoon of pig urine in cake batter deserves its rightful place in the dung heap. 
Of course, one can also argue Manos: The Hands of Fate in the same regard.
Law and Order: SVU veterans will probably recognize Peter Firth from the 2005 season as Dr. Preston Blair.  He will be our esteemed serial killer this evening.
The film opens with Ellen Carter killing the s**t out of her husband and bricking him up in the house to hide the body.  From the way she’s acting, we’re to accurately guess that he was an abusive douche-waffle. 
Fast-forward a year-ish.  Ellen hasn’t written a good book since the disappearance of her husband and is currently looking for a second roommate to share a flat with her and her friend, Mik. 
It isn’t long before Leslie reveals himself to Ellen that he is “White Angel” and demands that she write his memoir before he is caught.  His last murder was done with her hammer and the police have his fingerprint, so it’s only a matter of time before they come knocking.
At first Ellen refuses, but Leslie discovers Ellen’s husband’s body and blackmails her into it.  Ellen kicks Mik out to keep her safe and agrees to Leslie’s demands.  The price Leslie must pay: he cannot kill during the process.
Yeah Right!
During the “interview” segments, we get to see what goes through ol’ Leslie’s head when he is asked about his habit.  He is very forthcoming, and Peter Firth’s acting just makes the guy that much creepier.
No, I don’t want any candy, Leslie.
Not Just a Creeper.  I'm Professional
Eventually Leslie begins to fall for Ellen.  She uses it to get close to him and find his evidence so she can put him away for good, and the game of cat and mouse ensues.
Not giving away the ending, but it’s not bad!  You’ll actually have to watch this one.
VERDICT: I’ll take it!
Where to start, you ask?  Let’s start with the excellent acting, particularly on the part of Peter Firth and Harriet Robinson (Ellen).  These two really play well off each other, and Firth’s very honest portrayal of Leslie just makes your skin crawl.
The sound is good.  You can hear the dialogue clearly, and the music isn’t hokey and stupid like the other three dog turds on this disc. 
The writing is well done and methodical.  There are no points that aren’t pertinent to the plot, and everything happens for one reason or another, unlike Sex and the City where Sarah JessicaParker is constantly denied carrots for absolutely no reason whatsoever.
Poor horsey.
Sarah Jessica Parker is a Horse
I have to give this movie a thumbs-up.  It’s a true gem on this collection.  If you’re into to the whole serial killer genre, go ahead and grab it up like a cheap stripper!
The Original Magic Mike
Just don’t forget to hide the body.


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