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Sharknado 2: The Second One-Retarded Done Right!

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Okay, brace yourselves.

I dug it.

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 Now granted, I’ve also been sick as hell the past week, and the drugs have been snazzy. But, despite that, I think I actually found a SyFy flick I can digest!

Sharknado was an attempt by The Asylum to make a “So Bad, It’s Good” monster movie. Their Mega Shark line has a decent following, but it’s just not really all that great. In fact, it’s not even good enough to be in the SBIG category.

Unfortunately, Sharknado made the mistake of taking itself a bit too seriously for the content. I mean, let’s face it: it’s about a water spout that becomes a tornado full of sharks. Even the premise is stupid, so why try to make a serious film about it?

 Sharknado 2 takes a different approach and gloriously embraces the stupidity like a long-lost lover.

 The heroes from the first film, Fin (Ian Ziering) and April (Tara Reid), are on a flight to New York to meet up with Fin’s brother in-law and sister. Here we get Kelly Osborne’s cameo appearance as a flight attendant when she asks to have April sign her book about the events of the original Sharknado that hit L.A.

Fin notices that another Sharknado is brewing, and the s**t quickly hits the fan when the plane is bombarded by sharks and has to make an emergency landing.

 Oh, and Kelly Osborne’s head gets eaten.



 Later on, we meet Fin’s sister, Ellen, and his brother-in-law, Martin. They split off to do their own things and agree to meet at the motel when they are done. Of course, the Sharknado hits New York, and Fin ends up on the scene to save the day.

 There won’t be a “The End” in this one because, frankly, I think this movie is worth the watch!

 VERDICT: SyFy FINALLY gets it right!!

 Okay, so most of this review is going to be the verdict. Get over it.

 I’m going to be honest, this movie, like the first one, is utterly retarded. The acting is a bit over the top, the CGI is awful, and the plot is more laughable than the idea of Nikki Haley embracing educational improvement and gay marriage.


 But, this one gets it right because it accepts that it is retarded and is totally cool with it. There are one-liners galore to indicate that the characters are not as serious as they were in the first film, and the cameos are almost endless.

That’s right! Unlike the original, this one is slam-full of cameos and product placement. You might get a hankering to eat Subway after watching this film, particularly after Jared’s big scene.

 Yup, he’s in the subway.

 Eating a Subway sandwich.


 There’s also Kurt Angle as the New York Fire Chief, Billy Ray Cyrus as the doctor tending to April, Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan hosting their show and talking about the Sharknado hitting New York, and Al Roker along with Matt Lauer hosting The Today Show and covering the Sharknado as it storms the city.

These are just a few of the cameos, and some go uncredited. Bonus credit if you can spot Will Wheaton and his wife Anne in the movie.

 No Google, people. That’s cheating.

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There are also quite a few nods to films, most notably when Fin raises a chainsaw in the air while talking to the crowd Army of Darkness-style. There’s another AoD reference when April dons a circular saw in place of her severed hand and goes a-choppin’.

Judd Hirsch plays Ben the taxi driver, which is a BIG nod since Hirsch was one of the leads in the 1978-1983 television series, Taxi.

 The only place I think the movie is lacking is the theme song. I mean, really. The lyrics are as simplistic as the song “Chewbacca” from the Clerks soundtrack. It’s very fifties sounding and almost too peppy and poppy for the film. Not that this movie wasn’t loads of fun to watch, but I could’ve lived with a better theme song.

Also, there were times when the film was a little inconsistent. There were too many scenes where they were running from the flood of water from the two Sharknados hitting the city, and then they would end up not far away where the streets were bone-dry.

These issues aren’t really major (okay, the theme song made me want to kill people, but that’s all). All in all, the movie really is worth the look. I would say skip the first movie and watch this one, but they are a little unforgiving with the plot. So I would say that Sharknado 2 is the good payoff for making it through the original. Kick back, shut off your brain, and have fun!


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