Bad Movies Beware!

Bad Movie Beware!


That’s right! I wrote a book!


Real talk, people. There are a LOT of bad movies out there. I’ve seen some of the worst the movie industry has to offer. So what do I do for those who peruse the video store (they’ll come back, damn it!) shelves in search of something to watch that evening?

 I give them a reason to run like hell.

 Bad Movie Beware! is a compilation of over 100 reviews of the worst movies I’ve seen. You can nab it digitally for your Kindle for $5.99, or you can get the uber-snazzy hard copy for $14.99, also on Amazon. I will be glad to sign it for you if you’ve got it with you.

I’ll also be at ConCarolinas 2015 selling signed copies, talking with fans, and talking shop with Joel Hodgson, so come on out and get your geek on!

You can order either version (or both!) from Amazon by going to this link:

Buy a copy for yourself, your family, and your friends. Hell, I’m sure the guy at the gas station could use one too! They make great stocking-stuffers, and birthdays are always better with unforgiving slams aimed at horribly made movies!

 Note: I am not liable for muscles spasms and vomiting caused by hysterical fits of laughter.



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