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Trailer Park of Terror: Deep-Fried fun for the whole family…’cept the kiddos


 Okay, that was awesome!

 Ended up at G2K Games not long ago and my wife tossed a stack of movies my way. What catches my eye? A DVD cover that looks like a cross between the Garbage Pail Kids, any music video you’ve ever seen on CMT, and a GOP Convention in deep country Alabama all stirred up into one big zombie deep fat fryer.

 Yeah, any movie called Trailer Park of Terror has to be a winner.


 So, naturally, this movie is going to suck donkey turds, right? Actually, this movie is the most fun movie I’ve watched since Doghouse!

My notes got extensive, but I want to write this review without spoilers because I highly recommend you watch this movie.

It opens with two rednecks on TV hosting a horror show called Trailer Park of Terror. Don’t expect anything else because this is the title sequence. Norma is watching the show while she gets ready for a date.

Once she leaves, she runs into Marv, who bullies her and tells her that she’ll never be anything more than the “Trailer Park Queen.” She also has run-ins with Miss China, the Asian masseuse and prostitute. Her final run-in is with Narlene.

Larlene is the nastiest one at the park. She’s morbidly obese to comical proportions and has an obsession with meat.

 Like that one server at Waffle House or the school lunch lady.

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 Aaron is waiting for her at his truck, accompanied by Roach. Norma and Aaron have an altercation with Roach, Marv, and Stank the Butcher that results in Aaron’s death.

Norma runs off and meets up with a cowboy on the road that makes no bones about the fact that he is Satan. He strikes a deal with Norma and hands her a gun, which she takes back to the park and proceeds to shoot the s**t out of the place.

The scene cuts to her at Narlene’s place, sitting on the couch and smoking a cigarette. She’s opened several propane tanks and uses the cigarette to blow the place straight to Hell.

 This, my friends, is how you open a film!


 Next, we meet Bridget and her fellow messed-up teens. There’s Alex (group bully), Jason (group pervert with a porn addiction…shaddap), Amber (group nympho), and Tiffany (group junkie). Bridget is the Goth girl, and the motley crew is lead by Pastor Lewis, who hopes to turn the teens’ lives around with a weekend getaway.

After stopping at a local diner for some character introduction and exposition, we are whisked away into the rain as the group hits the highway. Alex decides to chide Pastor Lewis on until he gets pissed and wrecks the bus.

Okay, the writing here could’ve used some work.

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 They wander into the trailer park and meet up with Norma, who invites them in. Little do they know, they are in for a HELL of a night.


 It’s not often that I find a potential piece of walrus feces that turns out to be a bacon-wrapped marshmallow dipped in butter and deep fried (now that I’ve made that up, you’ll probably be able to get it at a baseball game or county fair), but when I do, it’s worth the short review and the look.

Trailer Park of Terror is as much fun to watch as Sharknado 2, but for completely different reasons. While Sharknado 2 was a ride on the campy side, Trailer Park of Terror shoots from the hip with stereotypical redneck characters who end up as wisecracking zombies a-la Return of the Living Dead.

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 The gore is also out of control, but it’s not realistic at all, which makes it a lot of fun to watch. The gruesomeness of each kill is off-put by the humor behind each scene, which makes it very Shaun of the Dead in nature. The acting is actually very good, and the writing doesn’t take itself too seriously, which helps keep the mood of the film light and enjoyable.

Trailer Park isn’t without its issues, however. Some scenes can be a little long, but they’re endurable in order to make it to the next atrocity inflicted upon our group of meatbags…er, characters.

There are also some issues with the writing, and sometimes it’s painfully obvious that they couldn’t find a way to smoothly transition from one scene to the next, like when Pastor Lewis wrecks the bus, or when Norma is toying with Amber and Alex before she and Stank kill them off.

What makes the movie is that every character does exactly what they’re intended to do. You really like the characters you’re supposed to like, and you really hate the ones you’re supposed to hate. The camera work is also excellent, and the soundtrack is perfect for the type of film that it is.

Give this movie a look, but make sure you aren’t eating when you do. When I say it gets gruesome, I’m not kidding. Gore and blood effects can be a lot of fun to watch, but they can also make the ol’ stomach bubbly if you’ve opted for spaghetti for dinner.

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