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Friday the 13th: The Game—A Must for Family Game Night!


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Okay, let’s do some real talk.

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No, not that. Didn’t your parents talk to you about that?!


Of any franchise out there, Friday the 13th is my all-time favorite. Twelve movies, hard-to-find books and comic books, and a couple of video games (yup, there were two…getting to that!) and Jason just keeps on coming.

In the realm of gaming, though, we’ve always been cut a bit short. You had, of course, the classic NES game that everyone knows about and hates/loves.

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Well, I loved it. Yeah, I know, I’m a freak. I’ve always been a die-hard Jason fan, so the NES game was a great way for me to join the counselors to try and stop him from killing everyone. Or, just see how many of the kids he could knock off before I could get to him.

Yeah, I’m a lousy counselor.

Not many know about the old Commodore 64 game circa 1985. Yeah, good luck finding that one.

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So, along comes Gun Media, and they’re doing a game called Summer Camp, which is a total knock-off of Friday the 13th. But hey, who cares? You get the vibe, and Friday fans will get it and love it because you can play as the killer, so why not?

Enter Sean Cunningham (yes, the CREATOR of Friday the 13th), who hits them up and gives the thumbs-up on the Friday license! Suddenly, Summer Camp takes on the form of what it was intended to be, and we get a chance at something we never thought we’d be able to do:


Yes, I did squee at this.

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Add in Tom Savini (makeup and effects god) on gore effects and none other than KANE HODDER (JASON FREAKIN’ VOORHEES!!!!), himself, doing the mo-cap for Jason, and this thing is a utopia of blood, mayhem, and chaos! The game is a 1 vs. 7 multiplayer game where one player is Jason, and the other seven are camp counselors. Each counselor is a different archetype (Jock, Girl Next Door, Edgy Guy, etc.) with their own unique abilities. The goal: escape from Camp Crystal Lake before Jason kills EVERYONE.


The graphics look insane. I mean, really. They NAILED it on this game.

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This is just ONE of the Jason skins you can pick from!

So Gun Media launches a Kickstarter, and they hit their $700K goal fairly easily. BUT, the big question from the fans is about a campaign mode. Will there be one, won’t there be one, can we have one?

The Kickstarter is over.

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BUT: there is hope!

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They are doing a Backer campaign to raise more money. Currently, they are at $875K, and they need $1.625 million total to do the campaign mode. I went ahead and gave them $30, which gets me the digital copy of the game (PS4, XboxONE, or PC), but there’s a whole lot more stuff available if you’re feeling generous. Art books, copies of the game, exclusive digital content, soundtracks, even an UBER collector’s edition for you elites who like boat-loads of swag in your collector’s case.

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Look, I’m a fan, and I know some of you guys are fans. And we’re all gamers here, too! Click on the link and take a look at the Backer site. There’s all kinds of good stuff you get for preordering, and it’s going towards some awesomeness! No worries, the game is coming out regardless. But, let’s help them hit that goal for the single-player mode!

Besides, if you don’t, Kane will be sad.

Don’t make Kane sad.

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So click on the link below, do some shopping, and sharpen the machetes! Tell everyone about it!






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